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Festival Overview

Welcome to the 8th Annual Sun Dried Music Festival Vendor Application, Terms and Conditions.

The Sun Dried Music Festival is a one of a kind music festival showcasing all types of music. We strive to have something for everyone!

This year's community event will be held once again in Downtown Mason around the Courthouse Square and will run from Friday, August 25 at 6:00 pm to Saturday, August 26, 2017 at 11:59 pm. Sunday 11-
Application Process

Online Vendor Application


Download Vendor Application PDF

Vendor applications will be accepted until June 30,2016.   Application Payment is due by June 10, 2016 as well.
Dates & Times

Set-up: Friday, August 25 from 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Festival Hours:

Friday, August 25 from 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Saturday, August 26 from 12:00 Noon – 11:59 pm

Final breakdown can begin after the end of the festival on Saturday night. All booths are expected to operate until the completion of the last performance. Vendors who are found breaking down while bands are still performing will not be asked back again next year. Vendor breakdown is loud and distracting. We do not want anything to take away from any of our acts including the very last act each night.
Location Fees and Upgrades:
______ 10’x10’ Vendor Space $100 (non-food vendors ONLY)
______ Food Wagon Vendor $400 (product prepared and consumed on-site)
______ 8’ Table $10 per table
______ 10’x10’ Frame Tent $158 each
______ 20’ sidewall for tent $20 per side
______ Electric Hook-up $25 (you must provide your own extension cord)
______ Water Hook-up $10 (you must provide your own hose)
______ Special Site Needs (please explain below)
______ Mason DDA or Chamber or Mason Area Commerce Member -$25
Venue, Vehicles, and Booths
  1. Location – Exact booth location will be determined by the Festival Staff based on the needs of each vendor.
  2. Booth Dimensions – 10’ x 10’
  3. Appearance – A colorful decoration with a friendly atmosphere in a manner that compliments the festival is encouraged. Clear signage with your business name is required for all vehicles & booths. The vehicle or booth must be clean and presentable at all times.
  4. Boundaries – Goods, equipment, and supplies are to be displayed within this area. It is not acceptable to encroach onto the walkways with products. All racks, umbrellas, and tables must be part of the area designated and should not interfere with pedestrian walkways or neighboring booth boundaries.
  5. Safety – Everything in and/or around the booth must be securely anchored and capable of withstanding strong winds and inclement weather conditions. The Sun Dried Music Festival staff reserves the right to refuse tents/canopies which they deem unsafe to the general public. It is not the responsibility of the festival staff to assist with any set-up, securing, or take down of any vendor tents or other equipment.
  6. Electricity – Electricity provided upon request. You must provide your own extension cords. Additional electricity can be requested for an additional charge. See the application for a breakdown of availability and cost.
Restrictions: The organizers reserve the right to prohibit offensive goods from being sold or displayed on site, and will remove any such materials from the booth or vehicle that may offend or cause trouble with police or copyright. The Sun Dried Music Festival Committee has overall control of signage, material products sold or displayed at the event.
Site Restrictions
  1. Vendors are personally responsible for any damaged caused by them, or their staff to the property or people on-site.
  2. Sun Dried Festival Staff, Security, and the police reserve the right to inspect Vendor premises at any time and request presentation of all relevant documentation.
  3. No vehicles will be allowed access during Festival Hours.
  4. Do NOT drive faster than a walking pace.
  5. No amplified music allowed in booth areas.
  6. No alcohol, glass, or aggressive behavior is permitted within your vehicle or booth, or event site. Any vendor found with alcohol on their persons will incur immediate closure of your exhibit and booth with instant removal by onsite security.

Please help to conserve precious resources, reduce all retail and bulk packaging and/or remove it from the site and properly dispose of it. Other garbage will be picked up throughout the duration of the festival by onsite Festival Staff. A full list of policies and procedures will be given to each vendor upon arrival at the festival.
  1. No garbage is to be left at the vehicle or booth after Final pack-up.
  2. Any garbage left on-site or damage to the booth or equipment is the responsibility of the vendor.
  1. Insurance
  • All booths are required to carry a Public Liability Insurance to the value of at least $1 million and must have The Sun Dried Music Festival listed as an “Additional Insured,” indicating coverage until after the tear down of the event.
  • Copies of the Certificates must be forwarded to the Sun Dried Music Festival Vendor Chairperson before full acceptance of your application can be confirmed.
  • It is the responsibility of Vendors to possess adequate Property Damage Insurance for their own property used at the Festival.
2. Electric
  • The Sun Dried Music Festival will be offering electricity for a small upgrade charge. However, you must provide your own 50’ extension cord.
  • NO generators will be allowed on the festival grounds. All electric must be provided by the Sun Dried Music Festival.
3. Water
  • Water hook-up will be available for a small upgrade charge. Each vendor is required to provide their own hose for water hookup.
  • Food vendors must provide a food grade hose which may be inspected by the Ingham County Health Inspector.
  1. Security guards patrol the festival area during non-festival hours.
  2. All effort is made to secure the site but no responsibility will be taken for loss or damage to any person or goods whether or not that loss, damage, or injury arises from the negligence, staff, or agents of the Sun Dried Music Festival.
Vendor parking is available in most public areas around the festival area. You will not receive any type of special parking as a vendor.

Make checks payable to: The Sun Dried Music Festival

Mail payments to: 118 W. Oak Street Mason, MI 48854 

Full payment is required before June 30, 2017.


The Festival runs rain or shine. No Refunds.